Basement Waterproofing Solutions

Basement leakage is a common -problem that affects many homeowners. This is where water leak into a basement through some unimaginable openings such as the floor, the minutes joints between the walls or the walls themselves.

Challenges Involved.

This water can raise the humidity level causing bacterial, mold and mildew to grow and spread throughout the walls of the house. Wet basements also cause risks of failing furnace, electrocution and water heaters. These and other challenges always result when this problem occur. The key to basement water proofing solutions is to identify the actual source of the water seepage. There are however some signs that can guide you to identify the presence of moisture in the basement.

  • · Presence of rust
  • · Mold and mildew
  • · Water stains on the walls
  • · Crumbing plaster or dry wall
  • · Crumbing concrete
  • · Damaged tiles


Basement waterproofing solutions

Use of interior French drains– These drains are made from perforated pipes placed in a gravel-filled trench. This trench is then set such that it directs the subsurface water flow to the perforated pipes that collect the water and distribute it to the lower areas away from the home. These systems have been widely used and have proved to be very effective in dealing with the problem of basement leaking. When they are well installed this type of drain system ensures that water flooding in your area is eliminated totally.

Exterior basement waterproofing– Although it is slightly complex it provides a long lasting option that is very effective to homeowners who are careful about their basement dry. This process involves thoroughly coating the wall with a waterproofing material. Using this you will be sure on the guarantee that you will get for the water proofing to last.

Polyurethane crack injection– This involves use of special polyurethane material in order to fill cracks in the wall foundations that allow the water to seep in. This method is cost effective and a long lasting solution to a wet basement. Most basement contractors have special devices and use specific processes to completely fill the cracks in order you can have an effective long term solution to the basement water problems.

Other basement waterproofing solutions include:

Use of solid vinyl or plastic sheets materials- These materials are used as water barriers from seeping from the ground by applying them to the walls of the foundation. They help in preventing the moisture from seeping through to the living space. At times they may be installed on the inner side of the walls or either on the outer side of the wall just before framing or dry wall since if done otherwise this might not be effective. It is therefore worth noting that this method is primarily applied during the construction stage. If it is done after the building is already built then this will call for a structural alteration.

Basement waterproofing tips

As the home owner you need to always make regular checkups of clogged areas and leaky spots. This will also involve considering options of the foundation repair so as to permanently mitigate those and many potential basement predicaments. Nonetheless always remember before starting on the waterproofing procedure to make sure that you ascertain the actual cause of the water leakage in order to fix the problem permanently.